Contractors and Property Factors Working Together

The CPL Software Contractors Portal and App allows property factors, block managers and housing associations to communicate easily.

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For Property Managers

As a Property Manager, you need a contractor to do a job because you probably need to contact several businesses at the same time. You need to manage the whole process from beginning to end which can be cumbersome.

The dedicated Contractors Portal and App from CPL Software takes a very manual process and automates every step. This makes it easy for you to manage the entire process therefore building better relationships with your contractors. You will receive notifications on your Advanced Desktop so you can easily monitor and communicate with all contractors you are working with for each individual job.

  • Find contractors online with ease
  • Submit tenders and job requests to multiple contractors or for multiple jobs
  • Plugs in to the Advanced Dashboard giving you full accountability with reminders and job tracking Manage invoices
  • Manage invoices easily
  • Manage payments easily

For Contractors

As a contractor you need the work but you’d like to be able to quote and invoice easily. You can either make a call, or you can take a call, or you can send or reply to an email. But because that process takes time and effort on both sides, it can be a lot for you to manage. Let the CPL Contractor app handle everything for you and keep the flow of information moving between all parties.

The CPL Contractor portal allows you to bid for tenders, submit quotations and maintain relationships with the people you deal with. You’re able to put your business in front of Property Managers in your area or beyond because everyone is connected to you. Easily communicate and work with Property Managers as you start and complete jobs. Keep them updated, advise of any issues and ultimately build trust for you and your business.

  • Send quotations and estimates easily and directly
  • Manage all your invoices online
  • Upload photos of your work to get paid quicker
  • Monitor work flows so you can raise invoices on time
  • View account information on your dashboard to manage

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