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Summer Edition, 2023. News from our team to yours.

Summer, summer, summer time…

Can you believe it’s August already? We’re actually a little late with this newsletter – sorry!

There’s been a lot happening at CPL HQ with new additions to the team, CLP 3.0 developments and more!

If you have any questions or queries about anything you read, please do not hesitate to contact us

Or drop an email to the Support team.


We’ve got a few welcomes to extend to the newest additions to the CPL Software team! Please join us in welcoming:

To the Support Team

Damien Porter

Tunde Csabai

To the New Business Team

Thomas Beswick

To the Development Team

Dan Humphreys

Malik Jn-Louis

Opeyemi Funsho

Alex Gama

Jakub Sak


Release 2.59.14 is with you all now

In this release you have the !NEW! planned maintenance module. Karen-Ann will be organising webinars for you to join to show you around the new module, so please keep an eye out for the details of those.

Integration with GoCardless

We are working with the payment integration giant to provide our clients with another option to offer your customers easier payment options.

There are six main advantages of using GoCardless:

  1. Instant bank payments offer immediate confirmation of payment and next day settlement
  2. Lets clients set up Direct Debits for any day of the month
  3. Seamless integration with CPL and the client portal
  4. Automated process in CPL, once it’s set up there is no need to do anything more in the system
  5. Automatic reattempt to collect payment if it fails, and GoCardless will choose the day most likely to go through
  6. Removes red tape and bureaucracy

CPL 3.0 Is Now Called CPL Connect

We’re delighted that CPL 3.0 has a new product name – CPL Connect.

The framework is complete and we’re excited to share that the developers have moved on to the next phase of writing the modules.

This is great news as we are on track to delivering CPL Connect to you and your clients in October.

CPL Core

As Connect is a new addition to the CPL product family, we are renaming the original CPL product to easily distinguish between the two.

The original CPL (also known as RPM) is now called Core.

!NEW! Blockworx – AI

The Blockworx developers have worked their socks off to enhance the work we did on the OCR engine to increase accuracy to such an outstanding level that Swiss watchmakers would be impressed!

This new AI-based feature reads your invoices and matches them up automatically, ensuring invoicing is more efficient, more accurate and a lot faster.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved in what is usually a very laborious, time-consuming task.

As always, if you’re looking to improve efficiency and automate your repairs and maintenance processes, please do ask us any questions you have about this feature or any other on Blockworx.


Have you listened to the new special series called Blocktalk Explores yet?

We focus on three key topic areas – Education/Awareness, Recruitment, and Customer Care, with industry leaders giving their thoughts and opinions on each, and they are delivered in three quick-listen episodes.

Listen to Blocktalk, and Blocktalk Explores on Spotify, iTunes and Google.

Not a fan of those platforms? No problem, we’ve uploaded Blocktalk episodes to our YouTube channel.

We’ve almost finalised our 2023 guest list but if you’d like to join the conversation, or have any suggestions for guests, please drop us a line to marketing@cplsoftware.com

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That’s it from us folks! Thanks for getting to the end and if there’s anything you’ve read that’s peaked your interest, we’re here to chat or drop us an email.

We look forward to catching up with you soon!