Fire Safety – how do you stay compliant and future proof?

25th April 2019

There has been talk of many changes in Fire Safety and Fire Regulations which may be introduced in the coming years. At present, there are still many rules and regulations that Property Factors must adhere to. Lack of compliance could lead to prison so the need to make sure all fire apparatus in a building is in working order is paramount. And ought to be a top priority for Property Factors or Block Managers.

The implementation of an efficient, easy to manage regular plan is a must have. And being able to access reports, assessments and information at the drop of a hat increases confidence and gives everyone in the organisation and clients, complete peace of mind.

When you look at your current solution for monitoring Fire Safety and your level of compliance. For example, can you easily access the following?

Date of last inspection of:

emergency lighting

sprinkler systems

fire systems or dry-risers

or any other apparatus in the buildings you manage?

Can you instantly see any inspections you could have missed? How do you ensure you don’t miss anything in the first place? Can you track unsatisfactory reports to identify where improvements are required to bring the apparatus back to working order? How do you approve and sign off completed work?

What it comes down to is, do you sleep better at night knowing that all the fire apparatus at the developments you manage are up to scratch?

If not, it’s time to put plans in place to manage the process and ensure it is efficient and full proof. If you would like advice or guidance, please contact us today so we can help you.