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For Property Factors or Block Management firms, CPL Software have software solutions to elevate your business strategy. If you’re a Director looking to digitise and automate your business processes, or you’re on the management team and you’re seeking specific solutions for your day to day operations, you will find what you need with CPL Software.

Save time and money with dedicate solutions from CPL Software

The entire CPL system integrates to provide a robust management tool for employees at every level of your property business. Your new software will facilitate automated emailing of invoices and documentation saving postage costs and valuable staff time. BACS payments will be taken care of automatically, saving even more time and improving efficiencies. Incoming emails to the business will be forwarded on to the relevant people in your business without any human intervention and your business could have a fully branded online payment portal and app making it easier for clients to pay their bills. And so improving your cashflow and debt management.

You will also have the ability to set up Direct Debit payments with your clients, decreasing the risk of debt and improving your credit control. With an automated bank reconciliation facility your bank reconciliations will be completed daily within seconds. Sale apportionments will be generated at the ’click of a button’. And Management reporting will deliver in-depth financial information and facilitate better decision-making.

Ultimately, CPL Software’s business solutions will introduce a smoother and more streamlined approach to your organisation. Every department and member of the team will benefit whether they’re in accounting and finance; property management; compliance; health and safety; repairs and maintenance or customer care.

We can even work together to create bespoke solutions, just for you.

If you would like to find out more about how CPL Software can add value to your business, please contact us today to arrange a demo or to ask any questions you may have.

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