Residential Property Management

CPL Software is a market leader, providing software to the property management and factoring industry. We provide the property management market with enhanced and innovative products to support the growing industry. By providing constantly developed software we have engaged with property management companies, providing them with cost effective and time saving solutions.

Key Features of RPM

Full Estimate, jobs and proposed works functionality

User friendly and intuitive tabbed interface

Comprehensive and integrated accounting functions

Customisable user desktop

Fully integrated single data base

Flexible client accounting capable of arrears, advance and budgeted accounting

Other CPL Products

RPM software for property factors Scotland
Client Portal and Apps
CPL Software have developed a client portal and accompanying mobile app which can be used alongside RPM to allow your clients to connect with you electronically.
Contractor Portal and Apps
New in 2018 is the Contractors Portal and accompanying mobile app. New feature enables contractors to “connect” with the property managers they do business with and who use RPM to run their business.
By investing in our software you are introducing a software platform that can provide huge benefits from a customer viewpoint but huge benefits from a cost and time perspective.
Data Migration
we are experts in Data Migrations. We have performed many migrations from a variety of source platforms into RPM.

About CPL Software

CPL Software is THE supplier of property factoring software in Scotland.

CPL Software’s experience in the Property Management industry provides a clear vision of how Property Management companies operate and how to provide efficiency and time saving functions. By providing advanced and innovative software and technologies to the Property Management industry, CPL Software has helped progress the industry into the new technological era.

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glasgow awards We are proud to announce our nomination for innovation in business by the Glasgow business awards

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