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For Property Factoring in Scotland. For Block Management in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For Residential Social Landlords. For Contractors. With over 20 years of experience and a UK based team, we’re here for you when you need us.


IMPROVED EFFICIENCIES  Automate your business processes with dedicated solutions for property factors and block managers. Streamline manual tasks to free up time and money and spend more time and money creating value elsewhere in your business. By bringing processes online everyone in the business can work on the business rather than working ‘in’ the business.  Overall, by improving efficiencies, you will gain better communication between owners, contractors, the team, suppliers, and external agencies.

REDUCE RISK Bringing processes online will help to reduce the risk to your business. You and your team will save time and money not having to search for or replace lost items like paperwork, keys, or invoices. Automation of compliance matters will help the team stay on track and be accountable for responding in a timely manner, therefore reducing time spent in potentially damaging Tribunals.

AUTOMATION Show owners how progressive you are by staying up-to-date with technology. When you automate, you improve communication between owners, contractors, the team, suppliers and external agencies.

GREATER TRANSPARENCY With full transparency of information, Directors, Management, and the team will have easy access to and visibility of, the entire portfolio. This is a fantastic benefit when team members are on holiday or not in the office. Transparency of information also allows your staff to be fully accountable for their own workload and achievement of their KPIs.

COST SAVINGS By automating your manual processes and being more in control of what’s going in and out of the business, you will begin to see cost savings – time and money. Your staff will be more efficient and your processes will use fewer resources which all lead to cost improvements.

IMPROVED BRAND PERCEPTION Professional software both externally and internally results in a more efficient business and improved brand perception. Future-proof your business with a system designed specifically for property factors and block managers.


DIRECTORS can access high-level financial graphs, KPIs, and reports. Having this information at hand will assist you in setting objectives and targets and help you to plan the business strategy. You can predict future trends, take proactive action and reduce unnecessary risk.

ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE will use the system for all aspects of finance and accounts including Credit Control and Debt Recovery.  Your software will allow you to gain insight into facts and figures and take action – proactively and reactively as and when needed.

PROPERTY MANAGERS AND BLOCK MANAGERS will use the dedicated software every day to manage portfolios with clarity and ease. The system can be used to prepare for new properties coming into the business, keeping them ahead of schedule. And it can be used to help the team avoid FTTs as they can monitor the progress of any ongoing tasks or disputes.

RECEPTION can utilise the software to divert calls and information to the appropriate team member quickly and easily. Incoming emails will be sorted automatically with no human interference, landing straight into the inbox of the person in the business who needs it. All communications and correspondence between the business and clients will be visible to all who need it, making dealing with owners efficient and impressive.


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