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Whilst we appreciate that most of us will be based at home indoors, we also understand that there may still be requirements for members of your team to be out and about. And then there’s also the challenges that working from home can bring to businesses – for example, ensuring the health and safety of staff who are setting up home offices.

Perhaps you still need to conduct essential business like fire safety inspections. Or your business has decided to introduce hygiene checks in buildings and reporting on them to your clients to help put their mind at rest and protect them during this time and beyond.

At home, your staff will be set up at desks using chairs that you may not have supplied and using equipment that’s not been set up by your team. Perhaps it’s not possible for you to visit to do a health and safety check such as the Display Screen Equipment.

For any essential inspections or reporting that still needs to be taken care of, we are providing you and your team with the use of the INSPCT app for free for the next 3 months (until 30th  June 2020). The app will be pre-populated with a standard DSE checklist which your staff can do by themselves at home. This will help ensure the health and wellbeing of your team whilst they work from home.

Or perhaps there’s another reason we haven’t thought of. Whatever the reason, if the INSPCT app would be helpful for your team and your business at this time, please contact us and we can set you up.


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