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Welcome to the CPL Software ‘Properly’ News Page – for Property Mangers who do things ‘properly’. Discover industry leading articles from our knowledgeable UK based Senior Management Team.

outdoor spaces sustainable property management

Can property managers encourage more sustainable outdoor spaces?

Sustainability in property management has been gaining traction over the years and its an area…

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sustainable property management

Sustainability standards in property management – does the sector need a roadmap?

As all eyes are turning to Glasgow and the rescheduled COP26 conference in September, we…

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complaints property management

How does your property management team deal with complaints?

Complaints. It’s a tricky topic isn’t it? What if we call it feedback? Or constructive…

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IRPM ARMA Mental Health

IRPM and ARMA Mental Health Survey

Mental health has quite rightly been given a lot of attention during the last year.…

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