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We’ve Reached Our 10 Year Milestone In Business…in Lockdown

We’ve reached our 10 Year Milestone in Business…in Lockdown

We can’t believe it’s been 10 year’s since we started the business. Time flies!

Thank you to all of our clients who have been with us from the start or joined us along the way.

Here’s our press release to celebrate this milestone…

Anyone who has started a business will appreciate the significance of a 10th birthday. It’s something to be celebrated – an achievement that has taken blood, sweat and tears to reach. But when that particular milestone hits at the same time as a Global Pandemic, what should a business do? Should it celebrate? Does anyone in the business even feel like celebrating?

This is the dilemma the team at Glasgow based CPL Software is facing now. The property factoring and block management software business was formed in 2010 when a lockdown wouldn’t have entered anyone’s mind. Founded by Brian Welsh following a management buyout, the milestone of 10 years in business has come around whilst working at home facing one of the biggest shared challenges of our lifetime. Luckily, the team have so far been able to navigate the strangeness and continue to provide the same level of service their clients are used to.

Roots in Property Factoring

CPL Software provides software solutions for Property Factors across Scotland. With a Head Office in Glasgow’s West End and its software development team in Southampton, the business has built a reputation as the number one choice for forward thinking property factoring firms. The software manages over 300,000 properties via their strong client base, a figure that has grown from 20,000 in the first year. Property factoring has had a huge transformation in digitisation and automation across the last decade with CPL Software being at the heart of this change.

“The property factoring industry is complex. Businesses must carefully manage the needs of homeowners whilst working with contractors on a daily basis. This web of communication needs smooth processes and procedures in place in order to be efficient and add value whilst complying with the regulations. We have developed our software over the last 10 years to help each of our clients be the best they can be. We work with clients to offer unique solutions and these have often led to the development of other industry leading solutions.” Says Crawford Burns, Commercial Manager, who joined the business in 2018.

10 Year Growth

Over the last 10 years, the team has grown from three in 2010 to fifteen today. Brian’s level of commitment to growing the business was put into action in 2018, with the appointment of Will McIlmoyle as Technical Director. Having been with the business since 2010, Will was the natural choice to step into this important position in shaping CPL Software’s future strategy.

The CPL Software team continues to contribute to Scotland’s technology sector with the development of two apps – sister company, INSPCT, a bespoke reporting app for Property Factors and Block Managers. And the newest kid on the block, Blockworx – an app that provides Property Factors and Block Managers with an easy way to communicate with their Contractors. The launch of Blockworx coincides with the tenth anniversary milestone. Crawford comments, “With Blockworx launching at the same time as the pandemic hit, we’ve adjusted our launch plans. We understand Property Factors and Block Managers will be facing challenges now and in the future and we believe technology can be used to help businesses work better and smarter. To support the industry whilst the country comes out of lockdown we will be waiving charges for both platforms for a period of time.”

Expanding Expertise to Partners in England, Wales and NI

As the team at CPL Software pushes through the current situation, Brian remains positive about the next ten years. “We will continue to focus on furthering efficiencies for our clients and providing more electronic communication to close the circle on comms throughout the factoring and block management space. We look ahead to sharing our expertise with partners in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Crawford, is also looking forward to the future, “Getting through the pandemic has been a challenge for me and the team but we have learned a lot. This is still an exciting time for us all and we are looking forward to growing the business over the next 10 years and beyond.”

The CPL Software milestone is a good news story for Scottish businesses. And the team have also managed to take some positives from the experience as lockdown, ironically, has brought the team closer together, at a distance, online with weekly debriefs. So whilst the team aren’t able to celebrate the ten year milestone in the normal way, Brian, Will and Crawford are all hopeful that a 10 year party will still happen in 2020.

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