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Our team of property management software experts has 35+ years of experience between them. Clever clogs.


Brian Welsh

Managing Director

My biggest achievement has been growing the businesses I’m involved with. CPL Software started in 2010 and now serves over 90% of the private Scottish factoring market. Insight Legal started from scratch and now serves in the region of 800 firms across the UK, a journey I have been involved with since 2012.

Brian enjoys being a dad to his two sons and the newest addition to the family, Arthur the cute Golden Doodle.

Brian loves going to festivals and listening to new stuff and old stuff and visits the Hydro as much as he can. He is a keen golfer and once had 5 birdies in one round of golf, not bad for an 18 handicapper – he has never repeated the feat…

Visit Brian’s personal professional website to view his videos and articles where he offers his industry leading insights.

Will McIlmoyle

Technical Director

Will joined CPL Software in 2010 as Lead developer and quickly progressed to development manager, he now heads the development team for CPL. He has developed strong relations with existing clients to deliver individual software requirements. Will has excellent team management skills which he uses to guide, coach and mentor his development team. Will has a BSc in Computer Science.

He enjoys gaming, playing the guitar, running and likes to keep up to date with cutting edge programming technologies.

Will Says; “Working in the CPL Software team is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! I really enjoy the variety of work that comes with being at CPL. We cover a range of products and technologies which means each day brings its own unique challenges.”

Will’s biggest achievement is getting his girlfriend to agree to marry him and his favourite band is Ratatat. He also keeps and breeds bantam chickens.

Crawford Burns

Professional Services Director

Crawford’s role is divided into two segments, clients and products. From a client perspective he looks after all of the commercial activities from sales to account management which includes both existing and prospective clients. From a product perspective he is responsible for the direction of product development including the end user experience and the look and feel of the CPL Software product portfolio. He is not a techy geek and cannot write code and leaves that to the developers!

Crawford’s biggest achievement to date would be having bagged around 80 Munros, whilst his favourite band is Mumford and Sons. When he was at school he could run the 100m in 11.4 seconds.

Karen-Ann McSwiggan

Training and Implementation Manager

Karen-Ann is responsible for managing new and existing clients to deliver support and training to ensure they get the best possible user experience from the CPL product portfolio. She is responsible for the writing and delivery of Project Plans for the whole client life cycle, from implementation through to ongoing client support. She writes and delivers new training content and courses to ensure materials for clients are aligned with the latest software release. Karen-Ann is also responsible for the production of Knowledge Base materials and Training scenarios.  She brings with her a wealth of experience from decades of teaching and education consultancy.

Her biggest achievement is returning to playing the clarinet seriously after a 27 year gap. She plays in a local amateur symphony orchestra and is also currently their president. Her favourite music is David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, New Order and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. She is an obsessive fan of professional cycling. The world stops in her house for 3 weeks each year in July when the Tour de France is happening.

Sara Akhtar


Sara looks after the purse strings! She is responsible for organising the finances in the business.

Sara has excellent organisation skills and enjoys being an important part of the close-knit CPL Software team.

Sara’s biggest achievement is her children and she loves listening to Ed Sheeran and is a very good cook!


CPO - Cute Puppy Officer

Proficient in cuteness, expert at eating, professional barker. Responsible for smiley faces, silly voices and, time spent on lots of cuddles.