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There are many reasons why you may find yourself involved in First Tier Tribunals (FTT’s).  This can range from complaints about service or administration charges to the costs of building insurance or leasehold disputes. Any complaint takes up time and money for a Property Management company where ever they are based. Whether it’s a Property Redress Scheme or the Housing and Property Chamber (Scotland) complaints can take up a huge amount of time.

Whilst you might never be able to avoid Tribunals, there are ways you can reduce them or be more prepared when they do happen. In this blog we’ll look at how communications can be improved to make the entire process more manageable.

What can you do to improve Communication between you and your clients?

Improving communication is simply a matter of improving processes. By implementing robust processes and procedures you can track all communications in and out of your office. Then put steps in place to tackle difficult situations as soon as they arise.

Utilise technology to your advantage by inputting all communications into one place for each client. Anyone in the team can access this information and deal with clients at first point of contact. Setting reminders to adhere to SLA’s will ensure all involved are kept up to date with progress. And this will help alleviate any complaints or follow up enquiries, keeping you in control.

Training staff to deal with specific issues will also help to improve communications – you might even consider having one or two people solely responsible for dealing with disputes and First Tier Tribunal matters.

How can we help?

CPL Software has a number of solutions that will help you to manage your communications and processes more effectively and efficiently.

You can monitor everything using CPL Software. Use the Document Manager as your virtual in/out tray to track all documents and file safely for future reference. You can view when you are potentially in breach of any SLA’s, deadlines or regulatory requirements. With the Client Portal and App you can track your clients usage and interaction with your business. And our new Ecomms Manager will automate client emails – sorting and moving emails to collate them all in one place making it easy to view, manage and importantly respond.

CPL Software takes all your paperwork and organises it for you so all you need to do is take care of your clients.

Find out more about CPL Software’s solutions to help your business here