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You’ve lived in your beautiful four bedroom home with your husband or wife for more than twenty years. The kids have moved out, Maura has gone off to University and Tommy is backpacking, travelling the world. The family home has years of memories but it’s too big for just the two of you now. And you decide it might me time to start looking for something new. Something more compact. A new home that’s easier to manage.

So much ‘stuff’

You start to look around at what’s available. Two bedroom flats or bungalows look and sound so appealing. You soon realise that you’ve gathered a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years. The kitchen and bedrooms are going to get smaller with less storage space. You start to take inventory of everything in your home. The attic is full of sentimental items – toys, school books, your parent’s or grandparent’s old antiques which were passed down to you. The books and CD’s you just couldn’t part with and all of your Christmas decorations. And, of course, the kids have left a bunch of their stuff too.

It feels like a mammoth task to sort and move your belongings. Where do you start? Do you do it yourself? Could you pay someone to do it for you? Or do you just stay where you are?

The most attractive option is to pay someone to do it for you. Less hassle, more time, more efficient and relieves the stress from it all.

From home life to office life…

Moving from one software system or paper-based office to a newer software system that fits in with your modern, forward thinking business is a bit like moving to a more manageable home. The old ways were good at the time and suited your needs but it’s no longer serving it’s purpose. Everyone’s moved on and you need to move on too. And you don’t need to stress about.

Transferring all of your business information and data from one place to another is something that we can do for you. We’ll make it hassle free and give you complete peace of mind that the process will be smooth and pain free.

We promise to make data migration easier than getting the kids to come back and collect their things.

Find out how CPL Software can help you with the process of data migration to help please call us on 0345 646 0240 or email us info@cplsoftware.com

Improve your efficiencies, reduce your costs and run your business with ease.