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Tomorrow, we’re in attendance at the PMAS Conference 2019 in Glasgow. This year’s theme is ‘Sharing Solutions’, looking at the common challenges faced by Property Managers and sharing interesting and innovative ways of solving them.

This year we’ll be showcasing our new INSPCT app which we think (of course!) is an interesting and innovative away to conduct, record and report on inspections and surveys. The app allows users to create reports that are coherent with their business needs as they’re set up from a blank canvas. The drag and drop template makes it easy to build forms. The app can be used anywhere as 4/5G or WiFi is not needed. As soon as you do go online, reports are synced and can be signed and sent to whomever needs them. INSPCT is the flexible reporting app that bends over backwards to suit your needs. INSPCT also integrates with CPL, generating reminders and keeping everyone on track with SLA’s.

Another challenge faced by Property Factors are lost documents, filing cabinets full of antiquated paperwork and still having to distribute documents manually. CPL’s Document Manager takes away all of this by introducing an online, streamlined solution. Documents are uploaded into the system and can be tracked and traced throughout the business. They can be emailed directly to the relevant inbox and can be utilised to monitor and achieve SLA’s. Property Factors can free up space otherwise taken up by old filing cabinets and don’t need to worry about spending time looking for files or chasing up mislaid invoices or documentation.

Finally, this year we decided to forego branded giveaways in favour of making a donation to charity. Why? The events industry is notoriously wasteful and with Scotland declaring a climate emergency, we thought we’d do our little bit to offer a solution. We know that the final destination for all of these items would be landfill. So the money we’ve saved by not producing giveaways, will be donated to the charity. A charity that will be chosen by the winner of our prize draw who will also win an iPad.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Find out more about solutions CPL Software can provide to make your business more innovative – visit the Property Factoring page of the website.

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