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Property Management Courses 2021 – Our Essential Guide

Property Management Courses 2021 – Our Essential Guide

In our last article we looked at some of the qualifications available for Property Managers and the benefits of undertaking qualifications and professional development. It’s never too late to learn and upgrade skills. Even for those who have a wealth of knowledge from having worked in the industry, everything is always changing, and it’s important to keep up to date. Indeed, there will be different courses for different people. As we continue to navigate the world around us in 2021, we can grab the opportunity to expand what we know. If you’re property management company is including a training strategy as part of your 2021 business plans, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what’s out there.

Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA)

First up, the Association of Residential Managing Agents has produced their training programme during the COVID-19 pandemic. All courses are being delivered online, with Full Day or Half Day options. The programme offers a fantastic ranges of courses for all levels from beginners in the industry, intermediate and advanced. There are also a range of refresher courses for anyone wishing to brush up on their knowledge and skills.

“Beginner courses are aimed at those who may be new to the industry with limited knowledge or candidates with no experience within the course subject who wish to gain the right technical knowledge and skills required. Intermediate and Advanced level courses are for those with a solid understanding of residential leasehold management who are looking to gain a more in-depth knowledge of a particular area.”

Courses are split into a number of career pathways, including Residential Leasehold Management and Lettings to Residential Leasehold Management. The courses within each pathway have been designed to take participants through a clear route to achieve the career they want to.

ARMA is also offering a series of webinars offering property managers “Bite-sized chunks of learning – under one hour long.” They’ll be delivered by industry experts and CPD is provided.

All courses and webinars are open to members and non-members. Check out their extensive programme

Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM)

The Institute of Residential Property Managers are “committed to the development of the profession and the people within it. We are striving to enhance the skills, competence, and capability of professionals within the sector whilst setting and raising standards of the profession.” Again, as you would expect, this year, all of their courses are being delivered online. So far this year they are offering Level 2 and Level 3 courses in April and September, designed for Affiliates (Foundation exams) and Associates (Associate exam). You can check out their membership levels here 

The Institute is also asking for expressions of interest for a Level 3 Associate Course and Exam in Leasehold Management. Click here to submit yours.

Find out more about IRPM courses

City & Guilds

“Founded in 1878, The City and Guilds of London Institute was founded by the Corporation of the City of London and 16 livery companies (the Guilds), to protect and promote the standard of technical education.” As we can see from their website, the Group’s purpose is the same today as it was 140 years ago – to help people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth. They also have a range of courses for property managers or people wishing to get into the industry. These courses come under the banner of “Built Environment Services” and are offered at introductory, higher level and apprenticeship options. Courses range from the more obvious Housing and Property options to Sustainable Resource Management apprenticeships. Whilst the latter might not appear to relate to property management, these are skills that are transferable and may be much sought after as we continue to move forward with sustainability at the forefront of policy and decisions makers.

Head to the City and Guilds website for more details.

For those who want to add a degree or higher diploma to your CV, there are many courses available at university institutions around the UK, also coming under the banner of the Built Environment. Check out The Complete University Guide for a comprehensive list of courses available and what they entail.

If you’re thinking of adding some strings to your bow this year, we hope this run down has given you some food for thought. We are also interested in the development of our clients, so we’re offering a range of webinars that will help you get the most out of your software. Click here for more details and to sign up.