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Access a wealth of information and online training with CPL Webinars delivered by our expert Trainers.

Welcome to our Monthly Webinar Programme, a free resource for all CPL Software clients.

Following on from the success of last year’s webinars, we’ve put together a free Monthly Webinar Programme for 2021. The webinars will enable your team to brush up on their existing skills or to learn something new about their CPL Software package.

The webinars will run for one hour at 3pm on the third Thursday of each month. We begin the Programme on Thursday 21st January with a webinar on In-Tray (Document Manager).

Your team can access a variety of topics, details of which are below in the Monthly Webinar Programme timetable along with links to register.

Demand is likely to be quite high for places on these sessions and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please make sure you sign up early.

Important Note:

We will use Zoho for the delivery of the Webinar training sessions. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent with a link to join on the day. Participants will need to have sound available (through a speaker or headphones) and although not required, it might be useful to have a mic to ask questions during the sessions. There will be a chat function available which can be used for this purpose.

If you need additional bespoke online sessions, please just get in touch and let us know what you need. We will be happy to organise this for you. Otherwise, we hope to speak to you soon on one of our monthly webinar sessions.

Use the links on the table below to register for each individual session.

Webinar Title Date

(all webinars start at 3pm)

Link to Register

The In-Tray (Document Manager)

Find out how to get the best from the In-Tray to streamline your company’s document management processes.

21st January Click here to register

Client Web Portal and App

Find out how to make it easy for your clients to pay bills and view statements, documents and contractor invoices with your own branded client portal and app. The portal and app integrate fully with CPL and automate the entire process giving you complete transparency and streamlining of news, invoices and payments.

18th February Click here to register

Permissions in CPL

Learn how to set up a coherent structure of permissions for your users in CPL. Reduce the incidence of mistakes which could result from everyone having access to a higher level of permissions than they actually need.

18th March Click here to register

CPL and Blockworx

Find out how the new Blockworx App can help you communicate more smoothly and easily with your contractors and keep all parts of this important process, from estimate request to invoice received functioning more efficiently with CPL.

15th April Click here to register

Enterprise Complaints Module

Introducing a new CPL module which will help you keep track of, record and respond to all of your client complaints.

20th May Click here to register

Enterprise Meetings Module

Introducing a new module designed to allow you to schedule and track development on-site meetings, AGM’s and ad-hoc client meetings within CPL.

17th June Click here to register


Using the Estimates module allows you to streamline the process of requesting and receiving quotes from your contractors and have these automatically progress to jobs and proposed works within CPL.

15th July Click here to register

Reversals and Contra-postings

Would you like to find out how to immediately correct or reverse postings and invoices within CPL? This session will take you through how to correct your most common issues before having to raise a support ticket.

19th August Click here to register

Sale Process (including Amendments and Deletions)

Get tips in this session about how to process changes of ownership smoothly and efficiently and how to amend or reverse these.

16th September Click here to register

Client Notices

Make the most of the reminders system within CPL for chasing your client debt.

21st October Click here to register

Mail Merge and Document and Email Templates

Are you making the most of creating and making use of templates for contacting your clients? Get some hints and tips about making this easier in CPL.

18th November Click here to register

Court Ledger

The Court Ledger module in CPL enables you to manage, track and update details of your clients who are currently subject to court proceedings to recover outstanding debt.  It also allows you to archive the records once the case has been resolved.  It is designed to work in tandem with Credit Control in CPL. If you’re not using it, find out more about it in this session.

16th December Click here to register


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