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3 Simple Ways Your Property Management Company Can Delight Owners

3 Simple Ways Your Property Management Company Can Delight Owners

3 Simple Ways Your Property Management Company Can Delight Owners


As customers of so many businesses throughout our own daily lives, when a person or business does something that puts a smile on our face. It feels good. It’s usually the people in the business that create those moments. Can you think of when this last happened to you? Given the current situation, these moments might well be a bit more difficult to come by. But something as simple as chatting and smiling whilst being served. Or maybe your particularly notable high level of customer service was so memorable that it has stuck with you for some time.

Whatever the experience, I think most of us can pinpoint an occasion where we were delighted by a business or service.  Whether it was something as simple as a smile and a hello when you needed it, or maybe it was someone who went over and above the call of duty, there’s a lot to be said for little moments to delight owners.

So we thought we’d take a look at a few ideas for property management businesses who might be looking for ideas on how to do just that.


  1. Underpromise and overdeliver

Many companies can be guilty of overpromising and then not being able to deliver on those promises. The key is to be very clear about how long a particular task will take and to potentially overestimate how long it will take so that when it doesn’t take as long, customers are impressed. Or if it does take a little longer, you have given yourself that extra time to deal with the query. By underpromising, you will be managing expectations, which is the essence of all customer-focused businesses. We’re not saying you should go overboard and tell people something will take a week when it only takes two days, but rather, using the ‘underpromise/overdeliver’ to maintain a balance.


  1. Have a complaints process that ensures owners are impressed by the response and resolution

You can tell when a business has a good, strong complaints process in place. Any complaints are dealt with swiftly and easily. Whereas, when a business does not put the correct procedures into place, complaints can turn into even bigger complaints because the original problem wasn’t handled efficiently. When was the last time you reviewed your complaints handling process? Do you know how good it is or where there may be opportunities to turn the complaint on its head and delight owners with exceptional customer service? This might even be incorporating that previous


  1. Make it easy for owners to connect and communicate with your business

Have you ever sat waiting for too long on a call to a business? Or standing in a massive queue at the checkout whilst there are numerous till points that aren’t being operated by staff? Or perhaps you’ve felt exasperated because you can’t speak to anyone in a business as everything is being done online?

In today’s world where communication methods are wide and varied and access to a world that’s open 24/7, it’s really quite unforgivable for a business to make it difficult for their customers to make contact with a human being in their organisation.

For property management companies, the demographics of the business can be wide and varied. Therefore the methods of communication have to be varied in order to suit different demographics.


There are some great examples of property management companies that are going above and beyond for their customers. These are just a few thoughts we had, that relate to ways that we can help you deliver moments of delight to your customers.

Please do share your stories of delighting customers by emailing us at info@cplsoftware.com 

If you would like to discuss your property management company processes and software, you can contact our team, or speak to our MD, Brian Welsh.