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The task of connecting with Contractors on behalf of your clients is wide and varied. You have to manage routine tasks like gardening and window cleaning for all of your clients.  And then there’s the more challenging unplanned jobs when repairs have to be instructed.

If you’re a vigilant property factor or block manager you’ll most likely have a preferred supplier list. But how do you contact contractors? And how do you sort through all the information to share with clients including the costs apportioned as they should be?

Managing the process

Once a contractor has been appointed, it’s important to have a process in place to monitor timescales and the quality of the work being done. And when the work is complete, it would help everyone if everything is dealt with as swiftly as possible.  You don’t want to be waiting on invoices from contractors or chasing payments from clients. Everything has to work together and there’s a lot to do with many opportunities to fall short of client expectations. That’s why we introduced the Contractors Portal and App. We realised there is a need to coordinate each aspect of managing the process with Contractors from beginning to end.

About the Contractors Portal and App

The Contractors Portal sits within CPL and provides one place to manage your Contractor Directory. You can view work that’s been instructed with start and finish dates. You can set reminders of ongoing and overdue works. And you can keep on top of the financial aspects of invoices, payments and apportionments. Simply upload all of your contractors details onto the portal and see the benefits of being able to view and manage everything in one place.

The App

Invite Contractors to download the Contractors App (for a small monthly fee) and open up a line of communication that keeps everyone informed and accountable. This will ensure all Contractors are kept on your preferred supplier list which means they benefit from being able to quote for jobs as soon as you post them, managing all work in one handy app. Once the job is completed, Contractors can quickly and easily send you the invoice too.

When you add the Contractors Portal and App to your Property Factoring/Block Management functionality in CPL, we recommend getting in touch with your Contractors to explain that you have introduced a new way to manage how you will work together. Invite them to download the app so that they can communicate with you.

Find out more here or if you would like to speak to someone about how you can improve your processes and communication with your Contractors and Clients, please contact a member of the CPL team today.