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Is Your Housing Management Software Doing Your Property Factoring?

Is Your Housing Management Software Doing Your Property Factoring?

Is Your Housing Management Software Doing Your Property Factoring?

We’ve put together a list of five essential jobs property factoring software could be helping you with, in 2023.

Do you remember when mobile phones would make phone calls and send texts, and had the Snake game? It really wasn’t that long ago, but now mobile phones, aren’t really phones at all. They take professional quality photographs, add filters, make adjustments, and email them, message them or post them to social media feeds, or on group messaging.

When the first camera appeared on a mobile phone, functionality wasn’t quite as slick and easy. Even though we have professional-looking photos on mobile devices, the mobile device will (most likely) never replace a professional camera for professional photographers. Photographers need the features and benefits of a piece of equipment that’s designed specifically for the job it needs to do.

Why are we talking about mobile devices and cameras?

When we apply the same rationale to housing management software, most products, generally do not have the features and functionality needed to perform property factoring-specific tasks and processes. Just like the camera on a mobile phone v a professional camera.

We’ve pulled together four essential property factoring jobs that your software should have no problem doing for your housing association.


  1. Apportionments

This is one of the biggest areas that housing associations struggle with. We hear stories of Excel spreadsheets, and other monotonous and convoluted ways of working out apportionments, when it’s a task that a good software programme should do for you.

Download our guide and find out more.


  1. Billing

Billing can be an unnecessarily complex task for many housing associations who continue to not adopt the right software, especially those who have a mix of different residents, with different ownership.


  1. Complaints

We hope you don’t have to deal with many complaints related to property factoring, but when you do, it’s good to have a system in place, that makes it easy to track, and has visibility for all who need to know progress, and to respond as quickly as possible to achieve SLA’s or KPI’s.


  1. Customer information

Information you store about your customers in relation to property factoring might need to include details that could be absent from a housing management system that isn’t set up for property factoring. Letters, and documents, that are property factoring specific, transaction activity, charge and float transactions, estimated charges, and diarised charges, are just a few of the specific pieces of information that your housing association can, and should have easy access to.


A software package that’s built to offer specific property factoring solutions for your housing association, your team, and your customers will deliver results and outcomes, that you, your team, and your customers need and want. It will provide the information and data you require, that’s easy to input, view, change, produce management and board information, and measure how well your housing association is performing at successfully managing your assets.

And don’t forget that ongoing support, regular updates and improvements to the software, training, meetings, advice, and consulting with you to make sure you get what you need are all just as important as the software package itself.

By investing in a property factoring-specific software solution, your housing organisation will reap the benefits.

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