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We Need To Talk About Apportionments In Housing Associations

We Need to Talk About Apportionments in Housing Associations

We Need to Talk About Apportionments in Housing Associations

The CPL Software team work with a number of housing associations to help them deliver a high standard of property factoring services using dedicated software for the specific functions of this important area of asset protection.

A pain point that we hear a lot about is the way in which apportionments are processed. It’s an aspect of managing the property factoring function in a housing association that seems to cause a lot of headaches.

We’ve heard stories about using Excel spreadsheets to work out apportionments, to the use of calculators, and doing the task very manually. Not only is this time-consuming, but relying on these more antiquated methods opens up the gates for mistakes. The smallest of errors could lead to a raft of incorrect information that finds its way through to customers, and different departments, with the potential for a whole host of unintended consequences. This could be as minor as an unhappy customer, or it could escalate to something as serious as an FTT.

We don’t want this for any housing association, especially as we have the solutions to prevent it, and we know that the housing associations we work with are benefiting hugely from automated, digitised apportionments.

Here is what one of our customers has to say.

“Apportionments used to be a real challenge for us, especially as we have a mix of owner types. Like most housing associations, we used spreadsheets, which were a headache, unreliable, and open to human error. Just one small mistake could lead to a minor or major catastrophe.

Thankfully, we decided we needed to adopt better property factoring processes to manage our assets more efficiently and cost-effectively. When we spoke to the team at CPL Software, and saw what their system could do, we knew we had to introduce it.

Having the system manage our apportioning costs has reduced admin time on our billing process by around 80%. With CPL we can now email invoices/statements directly to owners and we have multiple email addresses linked to one account that can receive invoices/paperwork. This has reduced the number of invoices we post from around 95% to around 35%.

All upgrades are free and there is extremely good training support with regular webinars on various parts of the system. We’ve had lots of training and support, and the team is always there for us when we need help. It’s like having an extended IT department. And, more importantly, all of our property factoring functions, including apportionments are handled automatically, with little human input, which means we can all sleep better at night!”

Louise Wilson, Factoring Team Leader, West of Scotland Housing Association


As well as handling your apportionments, our software has a variety of solutions that all work together to deliver what’s needed for the property factoring function of your housing association.