First Tier Tribunals – Training for Property Factors and Block Managers

17th June 2019

Are your Property Factors or Block Managers trained to deal with First Tier Tribunals? In our first blog about First Tier Tribunals, we briefly covered training available in the industry. However, as it’s an important area of your business to get right, we wanted to delve a bit deeper. Here’s our guide for Property Factors and Block Managers and First Tier Tribunals Training.

England and Wales

ARLA’s (The Association of Residential Letting Agents) Advanced Block Management course is for, “property professionals with a basic understanding of block management, or some day to day experience, who are looking to broaden their knowledge of the subject.” The course includes First Tier Tribunal practice and procedures and how to get the best out of applications.

Courses available in London in July and December. To find out more and book, please click here

ARMA (The Association of Residential Managing Agents) offers a number of training courses, one of which is specifically related to Tribunals.  According to ARMA, property managers will (almost) certainly visit the Tribunal during their career.

Presentation Skills in the Tribunal is a one-day training course “aimed at those who are getting involved in Tribunal proceedings, and also those who would like to get involved.”

You can book the course here

The ARMA Understanding Residential Property Management, offers Block Managers the opportunity to learn about First Tier Tribunals. This two-day training course is for those looking to gain a wider knowledge of residential leasehold property management, and provides an in-depth overview of the controls and process required.

Book your place on this course here


For Scottish Property Factors, First Tier Tribunal Training is predominantly available through SHARE. Whilst SHARE’s website focuses on Housing Associations, courses are open to and relevant for private Property Factors.


SHARE have an extensive range of courses available in Scotland for Housing Associations and private Property Factors. Amongst the list you will find the Factoring Essentials course. The course gives an overview of factoring from both a private and Residential Social Landlord perspective. FTT is covered in detail within one of the units.


Property Managers Association Scotland (PMAS) provides training for Property Factors as part of the training days run by the First Tier Tribunals panel members.  The association also offers awareness sessions for Property Factors during their Annual Conference and offer a bespoke training and awareness event.

If you would like to know more please contact PMAS

If you would like to know more about how CPL Software can also help your business navigate the First Tier Tribunal process, please contact a member of the team today.