First Tier Tribunals – Part 2: Management Data and SLA’s

10th June 2019

Last week’s blog post discussed improving communications and implementing processes to remove the stresses relating to First Tier Tribunals (FTT’s) and Tribunals. These complaints take up time for a Property Factoring or Block Management company. However, effective management and monitoring can help to reduce issues. This week’s blog looks at how improving the use of management data can contribute positively when dealing with Tribunals.

Management Information

Management can use data to identify the number of First Tier Tribunals the business has been involved in. And they can also identify how these complaints are being dealt with. This information can be used to set KPI’s, to implement SLA’s and ensure they are being achieved.

Setting SLA’s and guidelines for the team will make expectations and requirements clear for everyone. Having a framework for dealing with complaints and procedural requirements will provide management with more data to implement improvements. Therefore, by analysing  the information available, management can identify where there are potential areas for training.

What training is available?


Whilst there are no specific qualifications related to Tribunals available in Scotland, the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) provide exams for Property Factors
and there are a number of courses available through SHARE

Presentation Skills in the Tribunal

Understanding Residential Property Management

Using management information to make improvements to your property factoring or block management business will encourage everyone in the team to be accountable for their contribution.

How can we help?

CPL Software has a number of solutions to help you. Management will gain insight into information about the operation of the business in relation to Tribunals (FTT’s).

The CPL Back Office is the central point of the system where everything about your business is stored for use elsewhere. It keeps your business running smoothly and is where the data you need is stored.

When you want to look at this data, you can log on to your Dashboard – where you will find all the data from the Back Office pulled through into a variety of platforms and folders. View KPI’s, generate reports on clients involved in Tribunals and view all communications that have been made between your business and clients or solicitors in Document Manager.