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Social Media For Property Management Companies: Is Your Content Inspiring?

Social Media for Property Management Companies: Is Your Content Inspiring?

What type of posts should a property management business be sharing?

Disclose all is so cool so behind the scenes content. And what I would call thought leadership content, giving value, sharing your knowledge, sharing your expertise. A real easy one for anyone who is actually just doing video content on what I’d call your frequently asked questions. That’s actually incredibly powerful. Because if you answer their questions upfront, you’ll actually end up spending even less time when they’re actually talking to you because they already have the answers to the questions that they were going to ask you.

So actually, aside from social media, you’re actually going to really improve your business efficiency by publishing frequently asked questions online. So that’s one thing. And I’ve touched upon video content already in terms of the content pyramid, if you will, the most important content of all is video content, is the content that these platforms want to see the most. It’s the content that captures the attention of people the most.

But again, to go back to point one, and the first question uses a trust tool, and to create that trust, sharing video content is great. I think the other thing as well is actually asking questions and answering them in the post and giving as much value as possible. A lot of people, they use social like a sales funnel, treat it as a sales tool, and not as a helping tool. And that’s a big loss. Because basically, the more content you give these platforms, the better, because they perceive you as wanting your audience to spend their time and attention on their platform. So those would be just two ways of doing it straight away. Of course, there’s a ton of detail around hashtags around post structure, etc, which I’ll happily delve into. But those are just two things to get you started.


So if anyone wants inspiration, what social feeds do you think would offer that for them? So what could they go and look at to kind of see what good looks like?

Well, there’s so many examples in it. And it totally depends on your field of work, or your expertise, or what you’re particularly interested in, but I tend to hang around accounts, with people that are just sharing stories all the time. They’re storytelling, they’re telling people about their journey, but also how it resonates and how it’s relevant to them.

I think that’s an absolute cracker of a tactic for social, you know, telling your story, but then how it’s relevant to them, sharing a problem, then providing the solution. And so accounts that I follow, you know, in my world, obviously, being in social media, I really love the Buffer account. This is a platform that I use to schedule all of my content on. And it’s because they’re kind, they’re caring, they’re empathetic, they’re friendly. And actually, something that we’ve not spoken about is talking in people’s language, right? Not using corporate jargon, people are so bored of corporate jargon, they get it on email all day, every day and they don’t want it anymore.

So I think the accounts that I tend to hang around on the most and engage with the most talk to me in my language, and so that’s again something to action, and for anyone listening, if you are using social media, are you talking in the language that you perceive the people understand? Are you talking in the language of your target market? I can almost guarantee that you need to simplify your content more than you are at the moment.

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