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COVID-19: How We’re Helping Clients Take Care Of Business

COVID-19: How we’re helping clients take care of business

Whilst we need to look after ourselves, our family and friends during this time, there’s also a very real need to take of business. If you’re like us, looking back to the start of 2020, we were gearing up for a year of moving forward with our business. We had plans in place for CPL Software, for INSPCT (our reporting app) and we were excited to be launching Blockworx (our new repairs and maintenance app). But here we are, not even finishing the Financial Year and being faced with a curve ball that has completely thrown us all into a lifestyle that we could only have imagined.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with new challenges and a need to adapt to a different way of working for the foreseeable and until this situation goes. Which it will. Until it does, we know that most of our clients will be working from home. We would like to offer as much help and support as we can during these challenging times.

With that in  mind, our team has got together to figure out how we can best help you and your business to navigate these next few weeks or months. In doing so, you may just come out of this situation stronger and even more capable than before.

Free Webinars for CPL Clients

One of the initiatives we have introduced is to provide you (our clients) with free daily webinars for your and your team. This will help them to learn something new about CPL or to brush up on existing skills.

The webinars will run for one hour at 3pm every day, starting Monday 30th March. The exceptions to the daily schedule are Wednesday 1st April, when we are already running six webinar sessions for the 2.56 Release. And their will also be no sessions running on Easter Friday and Easter Monday as we will be closed for the public holiday.

We have put together a starting list of topics including “How to get the most from your dashboard module”; “How the online payment website could work for you and your clients”; “Find out how you can easily manage, assign, track and trace documents in your office” and more.

The recent updates to the CPL system brings with it new functionality and we are running a Webinar around these new and improved features.

Our expert Trainers, Karen-Ann and Arran, will cover what they can on each topic during the hour available.

The list of sessions has been emailed to all of our clients and we are looking forward to seeing registrations coming in.

As always, our Support Team is on hand to answer any questions you may have during this time.