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Management and Financial

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Block Management: Board and Management Information

Directors and Management will have full and easy access to relevant and necessary business information online. Reduce business risk by improving processes and procedures for everyone in the team.

+ Trackability and traceability of all inbound documents and communications
+ Achieve SLA’s with a traffic light system to track progress on tasks
+ Granular Management Information based on a tree structure
+ Identify any potential breaches of SLA’s and take proactive steps to resolve
+ Implement fully automated processes to reduce costs, save time and improve business efficiencies

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Block Management: Accounts and Financial Management

Manage all finances going in and out of the business at the touch of a button. Improve your management data and automate manual processes to save time and money.

+ Preparation of service charge budgets and financial forecasts
+ Automated service charge billing and reminders
+ Preparation of year end accounts and returns and automated year end statements
+ Track and trace all inbound documents and invoices to meet SLA’s
+ Full accounting service and liaison with Auditors including Tax advice
+ Produce and view graphs
+ Upload and send invoices
+ Automate and manage Credit control and Purchase Ledger
+ Set daily, weekly or monthly reminders
+ Manage debtors

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Block Management: Compliance and Regulatory 

Avoid FTT’s, meet rules and legislation and ensure you never miss a deadline. With dedicated software for English Block Managers, you can manage all of your legal requirements automatically, without having to stress or worry about it.

+ Reminders direct to your desktop
+ Peace of mind that you will never miss a deadline
+ Stress free way to manage your legal obligations
+ Liaise with suppliers and clients automatically

Client Services


Block Management

Each and every block manager in your firm will be able to view all of their properties online in one place with communications centralised and visible to all who need them. By automating the admin, your Block Management team will find they have more time to spend working on delivering an even better service for your clients and adding further value to the business.

+ Daily management of all block management tasks
+ Centralised data and information accessible to all who need it
+ Streamlined processes
+ Smoother communication with clients, contractors and suppliers
+ Visibility of portfolios – great when team members are on holiday
+ Easy apportionment of charges
+ Reminders, appointments and To Do lists in one place

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Block Management: Customer Care

Manage your client communications with ease allowing you to be more responsive, timely and to meet service level standards. Meet their growing digital expectations with your own branded portals and apps.

+ Smoother payments with a branded online portal and app
+ 24/7 communication
+ Full transparency of inbound documents with efficient traffic light system to ensure SLA’s are achieved
+ Improved cashflow
+ Paperless billing saves postage
+ Future focused business and brand

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Block Management: Payment Portal and App

Make it easy for your clients to pay bills and statements with your own branded client portal and app. The portal and app integrates with your software and automates the entire process giving you complete transparency and streamlining of billings, payments and reminders.

+ Improved cashflow
+ Automate bills and reminders
+ Reduce your carbon footprint with paperless billing
+ Easier way to pay
+ Integrated solution with your software
+ Future proof your business
+ Exceed your client expectations

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Block Management: Service Management

For Block Managers who need to manage services within your portfolio, our software will help manage this often complex task. Whether it’s concierge facilities, fire safety, lifts or gym facilities, CPL’s software will ensure you stay ahead of deadlines. You can utilise information and data to predict future trends and take relevant action to reduce risk.

+ Set and receive reminders
+ Liaise with suppliers automatically
+ Automatically communicate visits, works or predicted repairs to clients efficiently by email or automated mailing
+ Instruct repairs and maintenance proactively by using data to predict future trends
+ Track, trace and achieve SLA’s with easy to use traffic light system

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Block Management: Insurance and Claims

Automate your insurance bills and statements replacing a manual process with a streamlined solution.

+ Communicate easily with clients
+ Automate insurance billing
+ Peace of mind for you and your clients

Property Maintenance


Repairs and Maintenance Made Easy with Blockworx

Automate your repairs and maintenance processes with the Blockworx app and portal – the easy way for contractors and block managers to work together.

This ‘full circle’ approach to managing this often complex and time-consuming process, makes it smooth and seamless from start to finish. From requesting quotes through to final invoices, you can bring everything online and into one place.

+ Send and receive tenders automatically
+ Distribute quotes, organize voting and instruct work as a joined-up process without manual intervention
+ Liaise with contractors efficiently and easily
+ Provide 24/7 communication with portal and app
+ Send and receive invoices automatically
+ Fully integrated contractor and repairs and maintenance management

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Block Management: Health and Safety

Conduct your routine health and safety inspections and produce reports online. No need to deal with soggy paperwork and eliminate double input of work when returning from the field to the office.

+ Inspection app tailored to specific report requirements
+ Sign and send emails to all relevant parties
+ Integrates with CPL to send reminders and notifications
+ Reduces risks – insurance, health and safety and business
+ Improves business processes
+ No WiFi or 4G/5G required

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Block Management: Site Visits/Statutory Testing/Building Surveying

Conduct property inspections and surveys quickly and easily with our easy to use app. Create your own bespoke reports that you can send to recipients instantly.

+ Upload photos instantly
+ No more soggy paper and pens
+ Improved efficiencies and time savings
+ Transparency of information
+ Email to all relevant parties as soon as the report is generated
+ No WiFi or 4G/5G required


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Block Management: Sustainability 

If your business is moving towards being more sustainable, we can help you. Reduce paper in your office, encourage your clients to choose paperless billing and implement initiatives throughout your property portfolio with an online solution.

+ Paperlight office with electronic filing and document management
+ Introduce paperless billing
+ Implement and manage initiatives across your portfolio
+ Cost savings with less postage, less paper, less statationery and less time