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We challenge the day-to-day thinking in the offices of property management companies, whether that’s block management or property factoring. We dig deep to identify ways that technology can help property management companies deliver a high standard of service. And we strive to future-proof businesses with updates and improvements for an ever-changing and constantly growing industry.

WE PROVIDE INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Each and every one of our solutions are designed to offer our clients an experience that is simple to use and removes unwanted menial tasks that often have to be intercepted by humans. Having to open multiple platforms and apps is fine if you don’t have any other option. But we are that option for property management companies.

60+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE  Collectively our small but perfectly formed team has more than 60 years of experience in the property management industry. We know property management inside out and you can see it in the solutions we offer. We consider that what happens in the office of a property management team affects the owner or tenant. Our expertise goes beyond coding and building software solutions. We think about how what we do in our office translates to the real world.

SMALL UK BASED TEAM Our team may be small but it is perfectly formed. We have a UK-based team with offices in Glasgow and Southampton and we are here to provide a personal service that’s second-to-none. We are human beings who work together to make sure we do what you need us to. We might sometimes get it wrong, but we’ll always put it right.

WE CARE ABOUT OWNERS/TENANTS TOO Whether it’s achieving SLAs, building and maintaining excellent relationships, or exceeding expectations, we want to help you get it right every time. That’s why we design and build solutions that enable teams to deliver what’s needed consistently.


INITIAL DISCUSSION We talk first here explain

FOLLOW UP We follow up, more text here about this

INSTALLATION As part of the service, as with most software applications, your technology will be updated regularly. Our developers do this daily and you will see this happen at your offices monthly. We will let you know when an update is due so that you can plan for this.

TRAINING  Think of something you want your software to do that you don’t have already? Let us know and we can discuss your own specific needs and wants for your business. We’ll work together to find your bespoke solution.


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